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Candidate for Grant County Commissioner

Commissioner District #1 -- Grant County, Washington

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My "Non-Political" Career

My career has not been in politics. It's during the past decade that I have become actively involved in civic affairs. I’ve served as a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) in both Lincoln and Grant Counties and served as the Chair of the Grant County Republican Party. I currently serve on the Executive Board of the Grant County Republican Central Committee as the 12th Legislative District Chair. I was a 2016 & 2020 delegate to the state Republican convention, I ran for the state legislature in 2016 and was one of three individuals considered for appointment to the legislature in 2019. Serving as a PCO has been my only elected office, so if you think Grant County needs a career politician serving on its Board of Commissioners, then don’t vote for me. On the contrary, if you would prefer to vote for a fellow citizen to serve you in the county seat I humbly ask you to hire me for the job with your vote. I am a Christian and a constitutional conservative which puts me in the camp of those who are both socially conservative and fiscally conservative. I would consider it an honor to receive your vote and I pledge to do my best to be the person of integrity you deserve serving as your county commissioner.

About the Candidate

Danny Stone lives north of Hartline and Almira and manages a dry-land grain operation in Grant and Lincoln counties. He has declared his candidacy for the Commissioner District #1 seat on the Grant County Board of County Commissioners. 

Danny graduated from Almira High School in 1975, and holds under-graduate degrees from Wenatchee Valley College and Northwest College (now Northwest University). He spent over 28 years as a pastor at a community church in Addy, Washington. Concurrently he coached in the Chewelah School District for 21 years. He was a head coach in Cross Country, Girl's Basketball and Softball.

In 1989, Mr. Stone began traveling internationally to teach and assist Christian workers and churches. In doing so, he’s spent time in Jamaica, Mexico, Ukraine, Zambia, and South Africa and also traveled to Vietnam. Most of his involvement has been in Ukraine with 27 trips to the former communist nation. He’s also made 11 trips to Zambia, located in south-central Africa.

Besides his current involvement with the Grant County Republican Central Committee, he also volunteers his time assisting with the Almira/Coulee-Hartline high school softball team, serves as president of the Almira Cemetery Endowment Association and serves in his local, community church.

Married for 41 years, his wife, Sandy, is a labor & delivery nurse at Coulee Medical Center in Grand Coulee. They have five grown children and six grandchildren. 

Danny was born in Odessa, Washington. He grew up on the family farm and after college accepted a position as youth pastor at Addy New Life Christian Center near Chewelah, Washington. In the spring of 1981 he began coaching for the Chewelah Cougars of Jenkins High School. In 1989 Danny became the Senior Pastor of the church and served until April of 2009 when he assumed the management of the family farm.

Danny’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease 2 months later and Danny and Sandy assisted with his care until he passed in August of 2014. The Stone’s live on the family farm and continue a four-generation heritage of family farming.

Some Guiding Principles


It’s knowing right and wrong and doing the right thing even when it hurts or when no one else is looking. I have always endeavored to be that kind of person. If you want someone in office who is principled, shares your conservative values, and will work hard to do the right things for the people of Grant County, then please cast a vote for me.


The funding of a county government is really your money at work. It is the hard-earned money of our citizens. As commissioner I will always keep that in mind as decisions are made to pay for county operations. And…squeezing more money out of citizens unnecessarily is not a road to prosperity. Keeping close watch over the bounty and beauty of Grant County is huge to me.


True leaders are servants first. If a person is seeking power, prestige, and position; I look elsewhere for leadership. Successful leaders are willing to be in the background as they help bring the best out of others. Leaders communicate, listen, are fair and step up to make the tough decisions. Civic affairs need such leadership and I believe I can bring that to ours.


You can’t keep doing the same things expecting a different result. I believe “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” & “money don’t grow on trees;” “just ‘cuz it’s there today doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow.” I’m frugal, yet innovative. Our county always needs common sense leadership who’ve been down the road a bit. I’m a common sense guy who wants to “get it done & do my best,” with a track record to match. I’d deeply appreciate your vote.

A Campaign Statement

Stewardship -- We live in a great country. I love our state and the region I live in. But I'm concerned about the kind of future my children and my grandchildren will have. Our culture, our nation and our state are struggling. That's why I felt strongly that I needed to get involved in civic affairs. For me, that decision was a stewardship decision. That desire to be a good steward of what we all have here is what has prompted me to run for county commissioner. I want to take up a greater mantle of stewardship. Responsible stewardship over this place I love and call my home.

Crucial Issues --

  • COVID-19 -- This virus has been devastating to many in our county. Mitigating a return to normalcy, health and prosperity will require a "full-court press" by all of us. I'm committed to actively helping lead these efforts in our county. My full statement on this topic can be found below.
  • Taxpayer Funds -- Of primary importance for a responsible commissioner is recognizing that the funds they work with are the hard-earned dollars of our county taxpayers. It's their money. The integrity to judiciously allocate that money for the needs of our county is crucial.

  • Supporting Agriculture -- My life experiences are diverse. I grew up on the farm and I currently operate our family’s wheat farm. I know many of the struggles and concerns of our agricultural community. Our farmers, cattlemen, etc. are the foundation of our economy here. Decisions at the county level can directly affect them and their bottom line. I'll be an advocate for agriculture whenever I can.
  • Law & Justice -- Our county law enforcement needs our continued support as well. They need the tools necessary to make our county as safe as possible; including vehicles, communications equipment, holding facilities, mobile command centers, weapons, personnel, etc. As a commissioner, I would see the safety of all our citizens as a primary concern.
  • Transportation -- Our Board of County Commissioners has responsibility over a significant portion of our roads. People, goods and services need a safe and reliable road system here to be prosperous and to be attractive for new families and businesses.
  • Protecting the Vulnerable -- Supporting programs and facilities that protect the vulnerable among us needs to be one of our priorities. Those who have been abused need advocates and those struggling with mental illness need skilled assistance. 
  • Drug Abuse & Homelessness -- We're seeing growing problems of drug abuse and homelessness here in Grant County similar to other parts of our state. We need to deal with that compassionately, but responsibly.
  • Private Property -- As a commissioner, I would also work to guard the rights of private property owners as best I can. The right to private property ownership is foundational to our heritage as Americans and far too often politicians and bureaucrats have, through rules and regulations, tended to unnecessarily diminish those rights.
  • Responsible Economic Development -- As a county, agriculture is our economic driver. Outside of that, we have seen economic development or opportunities come and some of them go. As a commissioner, I would be supportive of healthy economic development. We want to nurture an attractive, economic environment that encourages our young people to stay, settle down and raise their families in safe, thriving and wholesome communities.

Leadership -- I’ve learned much through my various leadership experiences. My 28 years of coaching have helped me lead young people toward excellence and integrity. Those years included 28 state tournament appearances and 5 state championships (3 as a head coach & 2 as an assistant). My nearly 29 years as a pastor involved me in many lives as well. Their experiences and difficulties were varied. Teaching, counseling, consoling and leading them in times of great joy and, at times, heart-breaking tragedy. All this impacted me greatly, but also brought great satisfaction along with learned skills. In that experience I’ve dealt with the criminal justice system, counseling services, state regulatory agencies and the medical industry. My 42 trips to other nations have taken me to the poorest of the poor. I been able to lead teams of various sizes into those environments with success. I've also been able to observe leadership failure as, over and over, I see the internal struggles of 2nd and 3rd world governments. My corporate management experiences have taught me that you have to plan well and be frugal with what you have. Though the funds dealt with were not as extensive as in a county government, the financial principles are the same.

Leadership takes listening, a willingness to learn, the integrity to work hard and the courage to do the right thing even when it's hard. I'd like to take my vision of leadership to the Grant County Board of County Commissioners and hopefully be a blessing to my fellow Grant County citizens.


COVID-19 Facts First, let’s deal with some facts we know. The disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 is real and it has taken lives in our county. At this date (9/23/20), 20 individuals have passed away and are listed as COVID deaths here. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones. I’ll not minimize their loss in any way. Fortunately, 97.1% of our population has not contracted the disease and 99.98% of our population has so far survived what has been referred to as an epidemic. Many in our agriculture and business community have been financially devastated by the on-going emergency order and the accompanying mandates of our governor. Individual lives of our citizens have been adversely affected in a myriad of ways.

Personal Concerns/OpinionsAs real as COVID-19 is as a disease, 99.3% of those who've contracted the disease in Grant County have survived it. In my mind, that does not rise to the level of an epidemic here in our county (or in Washington for that matter). We are now in the recovery phase from a disease we knew little about in February and I think every county should now become as focused as possible on pushing back on our governor’s “state of emergency.” Any perceived emergency has passed. As I read it, the governor’s emergency powers (RCW 43.06.010 [12] and RCW 43.06.220 [1][h]) only apply to a “public disorder, disaster, energy emergency or riot.” I believe none of those apply to our current situation. With no apparent end in sight to our governor’s “emergency,” it seems city, county and legislative officials need to be very vocal to our state executive branch about the need to move away from the liberty-restrictive mandates. These officials need to explore every legal avenue to accomplish the same. I’m concerned that our current COVID situation and the ever-expanding mandates seem to point less to science and data and more to political motivations. That being the case, normalcy may return after November 3rd, but I’m not very hopeful.

Mitigation Plans/IdeasIf elected and we are continuing to experience shut-downs, etc….

  • I will push for common sense progress toward normalization so our GRANT COUNTY STRONG economy, schools, and prosperity can fully return.
  •     As one of nine members of the Grant County Board of Health, I would hope to influence shorter COVID testing turnaround times.
  • Encourage the health department to research the possibility of making sure prophylactics/treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine are widely available to our citizens
  • Work with the health department in helping local schools understand how to return to in-person education and activities as soon and as safely as possible.
  • Encourage churches and non-profits to assist working parents with child care and education until those schools fully re-open
  • Work with the County Treasurer to continue real and personal property tax payment plans for those continuing to experience COVID fallout.

Over the past months, we’ve been told we need to separate and isolate for our own safety. It’s my contention that more than ever we need each other in these difficult times. Let’s not let this “divide and conquer.” We will come back, TOGETHER. GRANT COUNTY STRONG!


  • Sheriff Wade Magers -- ​Lincoln County Sheriffs Office; Wilbur, WA
  • Mark Sheffels -- Managing Partner, Sheffels Company; Former Chairman of National Legislation for the Washington Association of Wheat Growers; Former Two-term President of the Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association; Wilbur, WA
  • Rep. Keith Goehner – 12th Legislative District State Representative; Former Chelan County Commissioner; Ag Producer – President of K & L Orchards, Inc., Peshastin, WA
  • Murray Van Dyke -- President, Hi Valley Farms, Quincy, WA; Board Member, Ag Power Users of Grant County
  • Dennis Fountain -- Chaplain, Grant County Sheriff's Office; Pastor, Moses Lake Baptist Church; Moses Lake, WA
  • Senator Harold Hochstatter -- 13th Legislative District State Senator (retired), Moses Lake, WA
  • Dayna Dent -- Retired Ag Producer, Grant County Republican Precinct Committee Officer - Precinct 54, Wheeler 1, Moses Lake, WA
  • Brian & Corrine Isaak Partners, Isaak Brothers Partnership, Coulee City, WA
  • Mayor Jason Evers -- Almira Town Mayor; Crop Consultant, Nutrien Ag Solutions; Almira, WA
  • Kit Arbuckle -- Okanogan County Republican Party Vice-Chair; former Chair Okanogan County Republican Party; Retired Math Professor, Wenatchee Valley College, Wenatchee, WA; from Omak, WA
  • Judge Larry Kristianson -- Superior Court Judge (retired), Chewelah, WA
  • Judge Phil Borst -- Superior Court Judge (retired), Wilbur, WA
  • Phil & Ruth Isaak -- Retired Ag Producer - Isaak Brothers Partnership, Coulee City, WA
  • Sid Gregory -- Former Chair, Grant County Republicans; Gregory & Associates of Moses Lake, Accounting, Financial Consulting, Tax Preparation
  • Dan McKay -- Owner/President of McKay Seed Co., Almira & Moses Lake; Former Board Member, Washington Grain Commission
  • Mary Hunt -- Former Douglas County Commissioner; Owner of Hunt Farms, Coulee City, WA
  • Terry Hunt -- Past President, Washington State Grange; Owner of Hunt Farms, Coulee City, WA
  • Julienne Loveall -- President, Stevens County Farm Bureau; Owner, Blue Point Dairy, Colville, WA
  • Brad & Carrie Isaak Partners, Isaak Brothers Partnership, Coulee City, WA
  • Todd Bodeau -- North Region Board Member, Highline Grain Growers, Inc.; Fire Commissioner, Lincoln County Fire Protection District #8; Ag Producer, Almira, Washington
  • Mike Carstensen -- Board Member, Highline Grain Growers, Inc.; Commissioner, Washington Grain Commission; Board Member, U.S. Wheat Associates; Ag Producer and Owner M&L Carstensen Farms; Partner, Carstensen Boys JV; Almira, Washington
  • Judge Kenneth Jorgensen -- Superior Court Judge (retired) Moses Lake, WA
  • Ryan Poe Ag Producer and Partner, Poe Farms J.V., Hartline, WA
  • Dr. Marlene Poe, DVM Owner Grand Coulee Veterinary Clinic, Grand Coulee, WA
  • Robert Sieg -- Grant County Republican PCO, Hartline 19, 12th Legislative District; Ag Producer and Owner/Partner, Sieg Brothers JV; Hartline, WA
  • Russ & Julie Dingman Owners Dingman Farms JV, Hartline, WA
  • Ron Thomas -- Commissioner, Grant County Fire District 6; Ag Producer, Hartline, Washington
  • Pete KnittleGrant County Republican PCO, O’Sullivan Dam 2, Moses Lake, WA; former principal, Lakeview Terrace Elementary School, Moses Lake, WA
  • Representative Brad Klippert -- State Representative, 8th Legislative District, Kennewick, WA
  • Commissioner Josh Kerns -- Spokane County Commissioner, Spokane, WA
  • Commissioner Rob Coffman -- Lincoln County Commissioner, Wilbur, WA
  • Human Life of Washington Political Action Committee -- For 40 years, this pro-life group has been advocating for the sacredness of human life.
  • Lucinda West -- Grant County Republican PCO, Wheeler 2, Moses Lake, WA
  • Isaiah Payne -- Government Affairs Director, Spokane Home Builders Association; Former vice-chair, Spokane County Republican Party, Spokane, WA
  • Grant County Republican Party -- Co-endorsement
  • Terry Poe -- Commissioner, Grant County Cemetery Dist. #3; Partner, Poe Farms Joint Venture, Hartline, WA
  • Washington Farm Bureau Political Action Committee -- Our state’s largest general farm organization, representing the economic and social interests of more than 47,000 member families.
  • Family Policy Institute of Washington Action -- Advocating and defending Human Life, Religious Freedom, Parental Rights, Marriage, and Christian Social Justice
  • Bruce Eskildsen -- Business Owner, Mattawa Realty, Mattawa, WA
  • Jane Calaway -- Farm Owner, Republican Precinct Committee Officer, East Wahluke Precinct #61, Mattawa, WA
  • Candy Erickson -- Ephrata 9 Republican Precinct Committee Officer, Ephrata, WA
  • Rick Heiberg -- Coulee City #5 Republican Precinct Committee Officer, Coulee City Mayor (2010-13), Past Board Member Grant County Economic Development Council, Grant County Transit Board Member (2010-2013), Coulee City, WA


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